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The Group Duncan Corporation is a conglomeration of several businesses including media, websites, electrical switchgear & supplies for commercial, industrial and utilities, asset recovery, electrical distribution consultation & training and other ventures!

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The Group Duncan Corp. owns & manages many media outlets

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Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a large organization, Group Duncan’s TeraGoogol can construct you or your company a new website from scratch or update and maintain your existing website along with full hosting services with exceptional customer sercie and at reasonable costs

Acquired in August, 2023, The Licking News in Missouri, established in 1893, is now part of Group Duncan

Myclassicnews covers classic car news, auction news, and automotive industry news and is part of Group Duncan

Tee Box Times covers local, regional, national and worldwide golf news and has focused primarily on LIV Golf

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Group Duncan & Surplus First Archived Projects

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NASA: During the 1960’s and early 70’s NASA used 2 ships called the Vanguards to track the Apollo missions in the northern and southern hemispheres. When the ships were retired and dismantled, Group Duncan was instrumental in marketing and recovering a substantial amount of funds on the internal electrical and marine equipment!

Whipp & Bourne

UNITED KINGDOM: When UK’s Whipp & Bourne, a 120 year old company, was seeking assistance in entering the U.S. market, Group Duncan partnered with them and within less than a year Whipp & Bourne was integrated into the U.S. utility and industrial sectors with a substantial market share of business!


HOUSTON SPORTS WEEKLY: In the late 1990’s, Rick Duncan founded and launched Houston Sports Weekly in Houston, Texas. Within months the newspaper became one of the most read sports publications in the area, covering pro, college and high school sports.


THE LICKING NEWS: In 2023 Group Duncan Corporation began negotiations to purchase The Licking News in Missouri. The deal was done and on August 1, 2023 Group Duncan proudly became the owner of this 130 year old newspaper that was established n 1893.

Tee Box Times

THE TEE BOX TIMES: In 2021 Rick Duncan launched www.teeboxtimes.com in order to bring online coverage of LIV Golf to golf fans all over the world. In the first 24 hours Tee Box Times had over 30,000 viewers. Tee Box Times was the first online golf news site to cover LIV Golf.

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HURRICANE KATRINA: After New Orleans was devastated, Surplus First was immediately on the scene assisting with the reclamation of flooded equipment for financially damaged utility companies and we were instrumental in the building of the new electrical infrastructure.


NORTH D SPORTS: In 2018, Rick Duncan was instrumental in marketing and expanding recognition to the Allen Americans and the ECHL as a whole in establishing a network throughout the Dallas area, which increased ticket sales and viewership exponentially.


MYCLASSIC NEWS: In 2011 Rick Duncan launches www.myclassicnews.com which has become one of the most visited classic car and automotive industry news websites of its kind. Bentley in Crewe England commended Mr. Duncan on the exceptional news coverage and invited him to the U.K. to tour their factory


HOWARD HUGHES: Many years after Howard Hughes died, his office and headquarters in Houston was demolished. Surplus First & Group Duncan was instrumental in the marketing & liquidation of all the facility’s assets, from office archives to electrical and mechanical equipment!


MEXICO CITY EARTHQUAKE: On the morning of September 12, 1985 at 7:18 a.m. an 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City. As soon as it was allowed, Group Duncan and Surplus first was assisting with the rebuilding of the entire electrical infrastructure and marketing the used material being removed, recouping the city and businesses hundreds and millions of dollars.


PITTSBURGH STEEL: During the 1980’s, the Pittsburgh and American steel market was closing down and in financial ruin, due to Chinese competition. Group Duncan was there assisting and saving millions of dollars in electrical & mechanical liquidations and marketing for several steel organizations!

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REFINERIES, PROCESS & CHEMICAL PLANTS: Refineries and Plants worldwide are continually upgrading equipment from electrical, valves, motors, etc… Surplus First has been instrumental in assisting various plants in reclaiming billions of dollars on retired and removed obsolete equipment!

8 Low Dollar Joe & High Dollar Dave

DUNCANS CADILLACS: During the late 1950’s Mr. Joe Duncan was building his legacy to pass on to his two sons. By the early 1960’s Mr. Duncan became the go-to Cadillac dealer for many actors and actresses in the Hollywood scene, such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers and many others.

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FIRST CLASSIC CAR AUCTION: In the late 1960’s, Joe Duncan was operating four dealer car auctions in Florida. He was the first known individual in America to start classic car night in Orlando, which is now known as the first organized and constant classic car auction to be established in the United States.

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SOUTHFORK RANCH HISTORY: In February 2020 Duncan’s Auctions performed a classic car auction at Southfork Ranch, where the famed show “Dallas” was filmed and where J.R. Ewing was born. Group Duncan marketed and branded the Dallas Classic at Southfork and the event filled more people in the Southfork mansion than ever before.  As a result the event was a huge success.

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