Business Dimensional Development was pioneered by Group Duncan, LLC and is the utilization of conventional marketing, digital marketing and how much mixture therein is needed in each individual case in order to create a successful brand and/or business. In this overcrowded marketplace we live in, too much emphasis in either digital or conventional marketing in one way or another can be a brand’s or company’s downfall.

Group Duncan, LLC can position your company with success

Group Duncan

Historic Ventures

The Liberty Bell

Pittsburgh Steel Mills

NASA Vanguard

Whipp & Bourne

Howard Hughes

The Astrodome

Houston Construction

Southfork Ranch

Houston Ship Channel

The Ryder Cup

Group Duncan

Group Duncan Subsidiaries

Auction Liquidation solutions

Duncan’s Auctions offers  an entire spectrum of asset liquidation for classic car collections, industrial liquidations and any other asset recovery situation that may present itself . We have over 50 years of auction and liquidation experience and can offer online auctions, live auctions or both online and live auctions combined.

Duncan's Auctions

Recloser, Breaker & Switchgear Suppliers

U.S.Switchgear, LLC carries a complete line of new & remanufactured and current & obsolete switchgear, reclosers and circuit breakers of all low voltage and medium voltage sizes.

U.S. Switchgear

Equipment Liquidation & Recovery

Regardless of your electrical equipment or utility and industrial liquidation needs, Surplus First can assist with one piece of equipment or an entire facility of asset recovery. Our customer base of buyers are the most extensive of any in the industry and our liquidation methods include direct purchases, brokering and in house auctions in order to produce the highest yield during the asset recovery and liquidation process.

Surplus First

What is your obsolete electrical footprint?

Do you know what breakers and controls in your facility interchanges with or what replacements are available? Many industrial facilities, power plants and commercial facilities are in imminent danger of unforeseen immediate downtime. Obscon can develop your (OEF) or Obsolete Electrical Footprint and consult with your facility in order to eliminate downtime fully.


Classic Car & Automotive News

America’s go to news on current automotive happenings directly from manufacturers (domestic and worldwide), classic car news interests and classic car auction news.

Online Electrical Marketplace

Are you searching for new or obsolete electrical equipment or are seeking to liquidate overstock or un-needed electrical equipment? Go to, a comprehensive online electrical marketplace for buying or selling electrical equipment from residential to commercial to utility and industrial equipment.

Launching September 1, 2022


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