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Our experience at GROUP DUNCAN is combined with old school business and the digital age. Through our product and equipment buyer contacts, we can offer our customers one of the most extensive purchasing platforms in the industry.

Regardless of what decision is made to liquidate your material, assets, products or equipment, our contacts and subsidiaries can efficiently accommodate your every need in order to draw the highest value for your organization. 

…Our reclamation division was formed in order to offer companies an alternative to asset recovery, while offering competent marketing that incorporates traditional along with new social media marketing. We hope that our contacts within the industry can benefit others. Call me for a risk free consultation. Rick Duncan, founder.
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Company: Group Duncan, LLC

In business since:  1981

Companies: Duncan’s Auctions, LLC, Patriot Breakers & Switchgear, LLC, Myclassic News, Tee Box Times, Obscon

Location:   Dallas Area, USA

Phone: 903-815-9082


Asset Recovery

Streamlined Asset Liquidation Specialists
Auction Specialists
When an auction is needed for liquidation, Duncan's Auctions, an affiliate of Group Duncan has one of the best sales success rates in the industry
Utility Specialists
Whether it be substation, pole or relay equipment, Patriot Switchgear has been dealing with utility companies form many years and has established worldwide contacts, which offer the most extensive utility equipment market in the world
Electrical Specialists
Patriot Switchgear has decades of electrical apparatus liquidation experience. Our knowledge of the equipment and contacts gathered over the years can be an essential equation when selling your electrical equipment
Complete Estates
When an auction is needed for liquidation, Duncan's Auctions, an affiliate of Group Duncan has one of the best sales success rates in the industry
Industrial Liquidation
Group Duncan has spent decades liquidating industrial facilities of all kinds. Our extensive list of buyers opens a worldwide target audience for asset recovery. Whether you have one piece or an entire facility, Group Duncan can assist in all your industrial liquidation needs
Classic Car Liquidation
Our partner, Duncan's Auctions, are experts in the collector car industry. Whether you have one classic or a large collection of classics in any condition, Duncan's Auctions can reach the best audience to liquidate your classics at the highest possible dollar
Real Estate
Regardless of the size and type of property, Group Duncan has partners in the real estate liquidation business that can assist. Whether you have a farm or land or an industrial facility or a commercial facility, we can assist in your land liquidation

Whipp & Bourne, a 100 year old company in the United Kingdom, was seeking a market in the U.S.A. Solution: Group Duncan successfully branded and marketed Whipp & Bourne products into the utility & industrial industry in America.

Rick Duncan, President of Group Duncan, and Steve Dymond, Global Managing Director of Whipp & Bourne playing Celtic Manor in South Wales, U.K. after discussing U.S. marketing strategy one month before the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor! We played our own Ryder cup and the U.S.A. defeated Wales.

our approach
Asset Recovery
When your company is in need of gaining exposure to buyers for every type of material, property or equipment, whether it be electrical, mechanical or any other property, Group Duncan can assist in strategically situating your property in front of buyers on an immediate basis and turning your assets into cash much faster than any other avenue.
Group Duncan does not use a shotgun effect when marketing your property. It is not our philosophy to promote your assets to sporadic buyers. We strategically market to niche purchasers depending on your particular property. Due to the fact that we have our own in-house auction company and other partners that we can utilize as outlets, you can feel assured that your property will draw the maximum market value.
We understand business and fully acknowledge that there are circumstances wherein a company needs to liquidate fast or at other times has a longer period of time to reclaim cash for excess or unwanted property.
Whatever your situation is, Group Duncan will structure our sale and marketing plan around your immediate or long term needs and goals.


From day one of the internet, Group Duncan has established a social media network of contacts that purchase equipment of all kinds!

In 1985 an 8.0 Magnitude earthquake hit the Mexico City area. Group Duncan crews were on the ground and in several areas assisting with the electrical infrastructure.

Group Duncan has assisted firms and demolition companies throughout the world in equipment reclamation, generating billions of dollars in revenue through professional asset recovery.

Group Duncan has been instrumental in liquidating & upgrading Mass Transit Facilities’ electrical systems in the U.S.

Group Duncan has been instrumental in assisting organizations with asset recovery in commercial, hospitals, schools and high rise structures worldwide.

Whipp & Bourne, a 120 year-old British Company, was seeking assistance in entering the U.S. Market. Group Duncan was instrumental in positioning Whipp & Bourne products in the American marketplace.

Group Duncan President Rick Duncan and wife Marilyn Duncan of North Dallas Legal, PLLC., during a trip to the U.K., visited Whitechapel Bell Foundry in East London, the oldest company in the U.K., where the original Liberty Bell was manufactured. They were instrumental in bringing an exact replica of the Liberty Bell that is now displayed at U of H Clear Lake, where they both attended.

Most people would see this image as a room full of junk and worthless material, but Group Duncan sees money. Even with this building being partially demolished, we recognize equipment that could be reclaimed in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars.